Shabbos Guidelines & Application


HALACHIC GUIDELINES & TIPS for Makeup Application on Shabbos according to guidelines of Rav Moshe Feinstein ZT"L.

This order of application should help you from not mixing colors which should be avoided on shabbos. 

  Make sure face is clean and dry. (If you have existing longlasting makeup from before shabbos, you may apply powder on top but only on shabbos day and skin must be dry. It is preferred to use Shabbos Brushups on a clean face. 

. Apply brow filler to fill in your eyebrows. Use the comb to brush up brows and fill in with Brow powder.

. Apply eyeliner on top lid If necessary TIP: use liner brush, dip into powder and shake off before applying eyeliner to prevent any powder from falling. 

. Apply eyeshadow on lid above eyeliner. TIP: You may use eyeshield to block eyeliner to avoid mixing of colors. Use shadow fluff brush to apply eyeshadow on lid and crease brush when applying on lid and onto crease. Choose one color shadow at a time to avoid any mixing of colors.

. Apply eyeliner under eye. TIP: use liner brush and eye shield to prevent any powder from falling when applying eyeliner.

. Apply rollerball highlighter on brow bone above eye. TIP: you may use eyeshield to block eyeshadow.   

 .Apply clear mascara directly onto lashes. TIP: Brushup your lashes for a few seconds with comb to give great volume. Must be used on dry Lashes. 

. Apply blush or bronzer onto cheekbones. TIP: Fan Brush is a great brush to brush up your cheeks! If using bronzer instead, use powder brush and apply on cheeks, cheeksbones and forehead for color & contour! choose either blush or bronzer to avoid mixing colors.

. Apply foundation all over or Avoid cheeks or Cheekbone area if  bronzer or blush was used. TIP: Use face shield to block other powders on face while applying Foundation. The Foundation flat brush is a great brush to use for great coverage and avoids any mixing with other powders. Tap brush into powder and dab onto skin to give a flawless look. 

. Apply concealer under eyes or in areas needed. TIP: use flat concealer brush for great coverage, tap into powder and blend onto skin.

. Apply either lip powder OR clear rollergloss on dry lips. TIP: when using a lip powder, shake out before applying it to get the powder flowing and roll on. Do not mix lip powder with clear gloss, Use one or the other seperatly. 

It is very important to work in this order to avoid the mixing of colors on shabbos. It's easier than it seems! You don't have to go by this order, it is just a helpful suggestion. Each color should  be used with a NEW brush just for that specific individual color. The use of fingers, q-tips or sponges may not be used for makeup application, Must use brushes only. Shabbos Brushups has professional  brushes that work well with mineral powder makeup which we highly recommend! You may use your own brushes as long as it is used specifically for shabbos and avoiding mixing of powders. The brushes we suggest will help your makeup look flawless as well as less of a mess when using mineral powder makeup. For any further questions please email allison@shabbosbrushups.com