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Cover darkness under your eye or redness in small areas of the face with this amazing full coverage concealer!

BRUSH: Flat concealer brush

TIPS: Open sifter and shake powder into cap. Dip concealer brush in powder, shake off brush and apply under eye or other areas needed by tapping it onto skin and blending it in. 

SHABBOS APPLICATION: Apply concealer under eyes or any small area that needs extra coverage. Make sure to apply concealer underneath bottom eyeliner to avoid mixing of colors. If you are not using bottom eyeliner, you may apply concealer up to bottom lash line. Make sure not to mix with any of the powders on the face when applying concealer in other areas. You may use face shield to avoid any mixing of colors. 

5 gram, 5 ml, 0.17 oz

3 Gram Powder

Concealer - Mica, zinc Oxide, Retinyl Palmitate, Methicone, Caprylyl Glycl, phenoxyethanol. May contain Titanium Dioxide.

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