Allison Chait always had a love and passion for makeup and art. She studied in Touro College, F.I.T and attended seminary at Neve Yerushalayim. She took makeup courses in NYC and decided to start a career as a makeup artist in 2007. She took her skills that she learned and she uses her own creativity as an artist to give her clients the glamorous look they want. She started out by working on her own and then worked as a makeup artist selling Lancome. She started working at Quorum salon on Central Ave in 2008. She specializes in airbrushing and lash applications for weddings and all occasions. Allison started selling a different brand of shabbos makeup and saw the love people had for it. She loved the idea of helping women look beautiful on shabbos but she wanted to improve the makeup to a higher quality. She decided to look Into different manufacturers and took samples of the powders to different Rabbis to get approval of this makeup for shabbos use.

 Allison is the founder of Shabbos Brushups Cosmetics since 2009. She has been able to reach out to all different Jewish communities to help women feel beautiful and look stunning on Shabbos. Allison believed it was very important for women to look there best on Shabbos and to have the ability to go to the Mikvah Friday night and be able to wear makeup afterwards. This will help women fulfill the Mitzvah and to feel good about themselves inside as they will look beautiful on the outside, on Shabbos! 

Shabbos Brushups cosmetics is makeup that may be applied on Shabbos. The halachic guidelines are brought down from Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l and is under hashgacha by Rabbi Shmuel Fishelis, Rav Dovid Feinstein's son in law. Shabbos Brushups is a full line of makeup which is permissable to wear on shabbos.