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Give yourself a bronzed look so you dont feel washed out on Shabbos! Bronzer may be used all over face , to contour cheekbones or as a blush on cheeks.  

TIPS:  Shake some powder into cap and dip a powder brush in it and brushup on cheeks,  cheekbones and forehead.

SHABBOS APPLICATION: Apply bronzer before foundation or blush to avoid any mixing of powders.  You may use faceshield to block bronzer when applying foundation  or if you choose to use a bronzer and a blush instead of foundation powder, make sure to apply blush first on apple of the cheeks and then apply bronzer in other areas. 

20 gram; 20 ml, ./ 2 inch  x 1 inch 

58 mm x 28 mm 

5 Gram  Powder - Net Wt

Bronzer Glow - Mica, Iron Oxides, titanium dioxide. May containultramarine blue, zinc oxide, manganese violet.

Bronzer Matte - Sericite, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, kaolin clay; may contain ultramarine blue , silicia, zinc oxide.


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