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Neutral & natural shine with just enough color! Coral nude shine

STATIC X BRUSHUPS: We created this lip package to give you the ultimate longwear lipstick for weekday & the ultimate lip powder for shabbos! We combined two similar colors that go well with eachother.

SHABBOS: Lip Powder

Shabbos Brushups is makeup that may be applied ON Shabbos. There are guidelines of the application NOT to mix the powder colors on Shabbos or with any liquid, It should be applied on a dry face. 


WEEKDAY: Lipstick

Static Cosmetics is a long lasting brand of makeup that can be used for weekday or Before Shabbos. 

It was tested that The STATIC longwear lipstick stays dry on lips after a period of time, therefore one can apply Shabbos Brushups lip powder ON Shabbos DAY even if the longwear STATIC lipstick was applied before Shabbos. 

Approved by: Rabbi Shmuel Fishelis