Halachic Guidelines

(The order of applying a full face of makeup):

1. Make sure face is clean and dry.
2. Apply blush or bronzer onto cheekbones.
3. Apply either foundation, bronzer, or enhancer all over face make sure not to touch cheek area.
4. Apply concealer under eyes making sure to have left the under eye clear of any other makeup.
5. Apply eyeliner under eye, while placing eye shield on top of where you applied the concealer or foundation to avoid mixing colors.
6. Apply eyeliner on top lid.
7. Apply eyeshadow on lid of inner crease of eye while using the shield to block eyeliner
8. Apply rollerball highlighter on brow bone of eye while blocking shadows with shield.
9. Apply clear mascara directly onto lashes.
10. Apply either lip powder or clear rollergloss on dry clean lips. (DO NOT MIX)

It is very important to work in this order to avoid the mixing of colors. Each color must be used with a NEW brush just for that specific individual color. The use of fingers, q-tips or sponges is NOT permitted on Shabbos. Must use brushes only! May not wash brushes that have been previously used for the application of ALL Shabbos makeup.







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